How to better engage with children about money.


Does your child enjoy learning about money at school?


According to new research, only a quarter of children enjoy personal finance as a school subject.


The survey by Beano Studios spoke to 1,600 children and found that bringing money to life is one way to improve engagement with the subject at school.


Researchers also found that teachers could better engage with children about money by introducing more fun and jokes and using games.


The Bank of England is working with Tes Global and Beano to launch a new primary school teaching resource called Money and Me.


This resource is designed to help teachers to engage children in money and financial wellbeing.


Within the Money and Me resource, characters including Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Beano gang help to bring money to life with 12 step-by-step lessons, all linked to the national curriculum.


Lessons include: What is Money?, Managing My Money, Ethical Spending, and What is Debt?.


For example, children will get the opportunity to puzzle over how Minnie should spend her £10 birthday money, help Dennis avoid a charity fundraising scam, and advise Smiffy on the importance of making secure online payments.


Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, said:


“The current economic situation has demonstrated the importance of financial education. However, this research shows how much further we have to go to embed it into the lives of young people. Our Money and Me resource, developed in conjunction with Beano and Tes Global, will help to fill that gap and support primary school teachers to engage pupils in these vital issues from an early age.”


According to the survey, girls are less likely than boys to enjoy learning about money in school.


Only 19% of girls reported they enjoy learning about financial topics, while 34% of boys said they enjoy the subject.


Regionally, children living in the East Midlands are most likely to enjoy learning about money, with 36% saying they enjoyed it, compared to those in Wales who are least likely to enjoy learning about money, at just 17%.


Fiona Hickley, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Learning, Beano Studios said:


“Our Beano for Schools lesson plans are every teacher’s secret weapon, translating complicated topics into fun and engaging teaching programmes. Creating these financial literacy lessons with our much-loved characters has been brilliant and we know kids are not only going to really enjoy them but learn essential life skills.”


Money and Me will be hosted on Tes Global’s resource sharing platform. More than 13 million teachers are part of the online community.


Lord Jim Knight, Chief Education and External Officer at Tes Global, said:


“Beano is an icon of childhood and it continues to have an amazing connection with children. This initiative has combined the power of the Beano brand with the expertise of the Bank of England and Tes Global’s resource authors to create a really engaging set of financial literacy resources that will be available to the nation’s teachers on our highly regarded resource sharing platform.”


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