What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?


We’re missing a lot of things during this latest lockdown.


Despite needing to adapt to a new normal, it’s reasonable to spend some time thinking about all of the things we want to do once the pandemic is over.


New research has found that going on holiday is the biggest dream for the over 50s, once life returns to ‘normal’.


The research from insurer SunLife spoke to more than 1,000 people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Researchers asked what one thing people are most looking forward to after lockdown.


After holidays, next on the list was seeing grandchildren, only slightly ahead of seeing their children.


Not having to wear a face mask was another thing the over 50s are especially looking forward to enjoying.


Other responses included hugging people and being in someone else’s house, or having visitors round.


Some over 50s want to get back to meeting with more than one other person at a time, having a pint without a ‘substantial meal’, and shopping freely.


Holidays were the top priority for all age groups, but it was those in their 50s that especially wanted to ditch the face covering, and the 50s were the only age group to include going to gigs on the top 10 of their wishlist.


For people in their 60s, top priorities after holidays were seeing family and hugging people. Those in their 70s, many of whom live alone or with just one other person, wanted to be in someone else’s home or have visitors round.


The wishes of men and women differed, with men more excited about not wearing a face covering, and keener to enjoy a pint than enjoy a hug!


For women, top wishes included seeing and hugging family and friends, and shopping without restrictions.


Other things people seem to be looking forward to in the future include having a haircut, pampering sessions, and a return to classes, hobbies and church.


Those who live alone understandably want to see partners or rekindle relationships. The survey found that ‘having sex with my partner’ came ahead of ‘seeing my partner’!


Ian Atkinson, marketing director at SunLife, said:


“There are aspects of social distancing that may continue even when they’re not mandatory – for instance, more than a quarter of people over 50 intend to continue using face masks even if they become non-compulsory, and almost a third will try to maintain a two metre distance even if restrictions are lifted.


“But it’s clear from our research that there are plenty of things that people over 50 are desperately missing and can’t wait to get back to. We found that four out five who had a holiday booked between March and December 2020 had it cancelled, so it is perhaps no surprise that holidays top the list.”


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