Investment Management


Our portfolio philosophy is very simple...... it's vanilla..... it's about doing straight forward things and doing them well. There are investments out there which look too good to be true. They probably are. When you look under the bonnet you realise just how opague or fragile it really is. We build portfolios that are alligned to your objective. Why are you investing? When do you want the money back? What is the purpose of the investment in the first place?



We are not a stockbroker or a fund manager. Our role in managing your investments is to make sure that your money is invested in the most suitable funds for the current stage of your life. We can't (and don't) promise out-performance. We do promise suitable investments. 


Quite often, short term tinkering and playing with a glass ball can cause a drag on your performance.  A buy and hold strategy for a simple investment should serve you well. Asset allocation and geographic decisions provide the basis for our investment approach. We'll walk you through the build and management process to make sure that you have a decent understanding of what it is you have (and why!).


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